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Thor Industries, Inc. is an American manufacturer of recreational vehicles (RVs). The company sells towable and motorized RVs through its subsidiaries brands including Airstream, Heartland RV, Jayco, Livin Lite RV, and others. The company's headquarters is in Elkhart, Indiana. It has manufacturing facilities in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Idaho, and Oregon.

A former employee said "Thor is just a corporate slum lord, shuts down all operations for the corona virus but not if you are part of a subsidiary run by idiots, Thor only cares about the check clearing any other thought about the employees at their side hustles is non existent."


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Information Specialist - Thor Motor Coach (Former Employee) says

"I worked there for years and unfortunately, they brought in people at the upper levels that have no concern for anything except how much money they make and whether or not they look good to corporate. This overrides everything including employee morale and public safety. It used to be a great place to work but not anymore."

None yet (Current Employee) says

"thor is just a corporate slum lord, shuts down all operations for the corona virus but not if you are part of a subsidiary run by idiots, thor only cares about the check clearing any other thought about the employees at their side hustles is non existent"

Chassis Prep/QC (Former Employee) says

"I was made to work a three person job by my self with promises of advancement for over a year and when I got to the point that I told them I needed a partner they wanted me to pay out of my weekly rate for one so the shop wasn't effected but other departments were over staffed...musicmost everything"

Payroll Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"There was no training with this position at all. I was left to figure it out on my own, did not care for management. Would not go back. Long hours no help."

WELDER (Former Employee) says

"The company needs to work on their management . Placement of equipment making it easier for the employees to do their work. The company needs to maintaining equipment . Give people a chance.Fun work placehigh turnover rate"

Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"not a very enjoyable place to work, quality, and poor management. Not a very family oriented place to work for someone who has a family and loves family time.good paypoor managment"

Group Leader (Current Employee) says

"You get in get all your work in your duties done and then you can leave. I know the whole line of work to stuffing the walls and routing the the windows and holes out of the wall.You can leave when your work is doneI don't feel like they care for you"

Anonymous says

"I spent several weeks back and forth with these people and had a deal negotiated in writing via email and was ready to drive down and pick up the camper this weekend. Unfortunately they weren’t able to honor the deal, instead hiding behind a “corporate decision” to raise the price of the camper several thousand dollars. The manager called and left a non descriptive voicemail saying they can’t do the deal and it was out of their hands, etc. He didn’t explain how much it was or even ask if I was still interested. “Good luck let us know in the future if we can help” No return phone number. No indication of how much the price was changing. No inquiry of my continued interest in the camper. Just some blabbering nonsense.... oh and a HARD INQUIRY on my credit. Thanks for that ! In the voicemail I was apologized to. Usually people apologize when they make a mistake. This wasn’t a mistake it was a greed based decision to back out of a deal last minute and put profit over customer satisfaction. To me, that is a huge red flag. I have no problem spending a little more but It won’t be at any camping world or gander outdoors."

Tom coker says

"My Wife and I bought a brand new camper May 31- Sunday, 2020. Because I did not have a brake controller on my new truck, I wanted the automotive dealer to install it in the dash. This would take a few days. We went to pick up the camper 4 days later, and did the walk around. Several items were not working, and they said to give them an hour. Several hours later we were ready to go and my truck with new camper was brought to the front. MY, bad for not re-checking the electrical issues, such as no ceiling lights, fuses blow when you attempt to turn on the lights. We got home and discovered the issues. I took it back the following Monday after being told to do so, when I called later that day I was told it would be several days as now, since I took it home, it became a warranty issue, and warranty work is at the bottom of their priority list. long story short, everything the service people told me over a three day period ,was not true, I called the toll free number of Marcus Lemonis, CEO of Gander / Camping world. His slogan is " if your not happy, I'm not happy" this got the ball rolling, the district manager, a lady named Megan, came to me, listened, and in 30 min all my issues for the past 5 days were resolved. Thanks to her help, she is making sure the employees get the proper training, they so desperately need. I hope your experience is better than mine."

Clint Sims says

"Based on my experience dealing with this location on Rock Quarry Road, I would recommend going somewhere else for service. I had to make three visits just to get rails installed correctly in my F350. I first dropped my truck off in November to have the install done with the clear understanding I did not yet have a hitch selected. I was told that would be no problem. After being told the truck was ready and would be left outside, a neighbor agreed to drop me off on their way out to dinner only to find they forgot to leave my truck out. 1st inconvenience for myself and my neighbor. I left the next morning (Saturday)on a hunting trip, luckily my Dad has a truck. I called that morning and they apologized and Kevin, the service mgr, asked if he could detail the truck for me to make up for the problem. I agreed, thought that was nice, and said I’d be back Monday afternoon. I show up at about 4:00 pm and truck was as dirty as when I left it. Inconvenience #2. Several weeks later I try to borrow my friend’s Reese 16K to go look at a camper a couple of hours away and we can’t get the hitch in. The left side holes in the rails from front to back were over 1/4” different than the right side. Had to take the truck back and leave it with them. Inconvenience #3. I made it very clear that hitch is temporary. I picked the truck up the next day and hitch is installed. A few weeks go by and I find a fifth wheel camper. It has a special adapter on the kingpin that works with the owner’s auto-slider hitch. I decide to buy his hitch as well. He has the same truck as I do with the same rail system installed. We lift it right out of his truck, but no way it’s going in mine. Rails are still close to 1/4” off side to side. I call Gander RV, and explain I’ve just paid for a camper and hitch, at the location to pick it up, and hitch will not go into rails they installed. I leave and go to Gander where I wait 2 hours to have them adjust rails to get the hitch in. Inconvenience #4. Since the time I first met to pick up the camper at 11:00 a.m., it is now close to 3:00 p.m. When Kevin gets my truck brought around he just brings my keys, holds them out, and says I’m ready to go. No apology for all the hassle, nothing. I made a comment about another 4 hours out of my day being wasted dealing with this, and said “What, no store gift card or any form of customer service?” He quickly said he can’t do that and just said “We took care of you”, and walked away. My point is not that I need a gift card or something. It is that this should have been a fairly simple task that ended up being a big inconvenience to me, the customer. I shouldn’t even have to ask about a gift card, etc. If these people cared about customer service, the service mgr should have went to the general mgr, who was there that day, and said “look we really have screwed this up and need to do something to try and smooth this over a little with this customer, what can we do”. Instead they thought they were doing me a favor by finally getting something right that I paid to be done right the first time, not the 3rd time. Go somewhere else if customer service is important to you, at least in the service department."

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